Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Creating at its best

Wow! It has been a while since I posted.

 I've been loving kumihimo braiding, beading, leather work and anything else that strikes me as fun and interesting. Lets just say I don't like to be limited by my materials. When I work with fiber, I want to work with all kinds, colors, sizes and textures. The same goes for beads and cloth and leather and metal and on and on and on. And I want to be able to use many different techniques, whatever seems appropriate right now, so I like to have lots of tools, as well.

I get such a fabulous rush of energy from colors and textures. I'm constantly finding glorious combinations I want to play with. The possibilities are truly unlimited.

I have let my garden get really wild. There are still lots of flowers but not much organization and nothing that requires high maintenance. It's the "survival of the fittest" approach to gardening. Right now the Phlox, Physostegia, Cannas, Boltonia, Virgins Bower Clematis (a weed), Ruellia, altheas, crepe myrtles, wild asters, some dahlias and roses, are happily blooming. My red passion flower and Tibouchina are bursting out of the greenhouse while the creeping fig is attempting to shade everything again after being cut to the ground in the spring. My Anisacanthus (hummingbird shrub) has survived the cold winter, thank goodness, and although the fig lost the top 6 - 8 feet of branches, it has finally produce fruit which I still can't reach.  Cyprus vine and morning glories are draped all over the place so the hummingbirds are happy. Beautiful chaos.

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